How to maintain Quality Content Writing

How to maintain Quality Content Writing

What is quality?

There is no specific definition of quality. However, it can be analysed in different ways in different places. One of them is, Quality means Buyer Satisfaction. That is, if you can make a product like a beer and make the buyer happy, then it is called quality.

However, the same product may not be quality-friendly to everyone. You can’t make everyone happy with the same product. For example, if you write an article in English for Bangladeshis, it may not make sense to many, because not everyone can read or understand English. But if you were to write in Bangla, at least everyone would read or understand. The same is true for native English speakers. What does that mean, the quality that you have, the condition may not be for everyone.


So what is the matter?

Let’s go in a slightly different direction. Suppose you search on Google “What is the GDP of Bangladesh?” There are several articles shows on the results page, and you clicked on one. The material does not display all. There is more to GDP. But all you need to know is Bangladesh’s GDP. Getting into Article, I don’t think you start reading from the first. You are just looking for what is the GDP? When you get the answer, you’re done. First, get the answer, then if you want to remember, you can read the rest. Can not do it again. However, those who want to get broader ideas on GDP must read the entire article — this time, the reader has no idea about the rest of the content.


Types of Readers?

1. One example of the reader likes to read the details.
2. Some readers understand all by the titles or subtitles.
3. For some readers, only a portion of those titles will be enough to read.
4. Some do not go to the trouble of reading the whole article, finding where the piece of information is enough for them.
5. Someone tries to understand by looking at the picture again or seeing where the highlight is.

At this point, it came to my mind that such a reader, maybe there are more classes.

So what do you need to do to maintain the quality of the article?

Quality is the same thing for every reader, and you should keep this in mind when writing an article. If you target one level, you lose the rest. Your item must contain details so that you do not have to search Google again for any information. The subtitle should be such that if the points to read, some sense of the whole article can be found. The beginning and conclusion must be looked at. You must use the picture if it is possible to illustrate the view. Some things must be highlighted, though many are meant to be emphasised. It cannot be highlighted in a place whose purpose is to force someone into something. If you can write an article keeping these things in mind, why not visit the category of visitors who will revisit your article. And when Google understands that visitors are getting something from your site, they will quickly bring your website to the rank. This is a great way to write content in in-depth.

Google now ranks the site based on article quality, visitor experience, how long the visitor has been on the site, social signal and natural backlink.


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